embodied essence

ART – wisdom of creation – from Casmina Magdalena Haas




Art is a tool of my very own self to make it visible and tangible in the world.
An expression of creation in me and through me.




Through my love for the field of creativity and its expression in the matter, my art compresses the physical expression of life itself as I experience it. And thereby uses creation to re-create it.
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about the objects of evolution


from Dr. Peter Funken – curator, art journalist, author – Berlin





The art of Casmina Magdalena Haas comes into existence through cooperation with nature – it needs bright light and natural substances and materials. But it also needs the spirit – and only by this the artwork comes into being.
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about the artwork of Casmina Magdalena Haas


from Elisabeth Karsten, author – Berlin




I could often observe how Casmina´s work emerged and changed throughout its development. From every trip she brought back new impulses, new paintings, and new readymades.
In all of these an aspect that is inherent to her work in a special way became increasingly apparent since 2012: a material expression of reverence to nature and creation itself.



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