to the shine of the body

Reflections on the work of Casmina Magdalena Haas

Certainly to see enlightened things, not the light.
Goethe, Pandora



The beauty has a precarious state in art today. At a time when beauty as the smooth and pleasing has permeated all life and thing worlds and perfect surfaces cover our existence, art seems suspicious with every movement of the beautiful to make: With the beautiful appearance and merely decorative, which is based on aesthetic enjoyment and quick consumption, it seems to be as incompatible as the unreflected return to an – as tempting as delicate – idea of beauty as one with true and good related appearance is denied. > read more

about the objects of evolution


from Dr. Peter Funken – curator, art journalist, author – Berlin





The art of Casmina Magdalena Haas comes into existence through cooperation with nature – it needs bright light and natural substances and materials. But it also needs the spirit – and only by this the artwork comes into being.
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embodied essence

ART – wisdom of creation – from Casmina Magdalena Haas



My artwork is a tool of my inner self to communicate with the world and to make itself visible. An expression of creation in and through me. Through my love for the creative and its expression in the physical. My art compresses and worships the mystery of the materialization of our life here on earth. And thereby makes use of creation in order to give this mystery a concrete place which is owned by my soal and can also be experienced by others.
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