Manifestation on the feminine path


My art is created on a deeply feminine path.

I came here to earth with many creative “seeds”. They rest in me until they open up to their very own incarnational impulse. I can then sense that a work of art is ready to be born and I then transform it into a three-dimensional form here.

This process is often activated on my travels. My works not only have a time of birth, but also a specific place of birth, which is inherent to them in a very touching way even before they materialize. So they are often created on my travels around the world.

My artworks are children of creation as well as creation itself. They come through me, and sometimes from me. They are states of being that give themselves space and self-expression. In their very clear, quiet and yet infinitely powerful way. They are a celebration of life in its physical form of existence and thereby of the divine from which it emerged. Simple, essential and new within their own way.

I am very grateful for them and for my being as a artist, birthing, maternal force and midwife between the worlds.


Casmina has been traveling to power places around the world for over 20 years and is able to communicate with the fields of consciousness that reside there due to her innate clairvoyant and telepathic abilities.
She has visited the power places of the UAE several times over the past 15 years and has interacted with the fields of consciousness that are related to abundance, wealth and manifestation on the feminine path. She interviews these spaces of consciousness and receives unique answers from the field of universal feminine wisdom.

Winfried Haas



…and as always, Mount Everest accompanies me on this journey, where I was initiated into the feminine field of creation.