embodied essence

ART – wisdom of creation – from Casmina Magdalena Haas



My artwork is a tool of my inner self to communicate with the world and to make itself visible. An expression of creation in and through me. Through my love for the creative and its expression in the physical. My art compresses and worships the mystery of the materialization of our life here on earth. And thereby makes use of creation in order to give this mystery a concrete place which is owned by my soal and can also be experienced by others.

By making art I document and honor the tireless sacred cycle of life, death and regeneration on the physical level.
This documents and appreciates the tireless sacred cycle of life, death and re-creation on the physical level and thereby serves as a reference to the infinity of the creative field. My art is my manifested experiance that I can only surrender to. The life itself, the permanent eternity and infinity and thereby the healing, even sacred potential of creation. It informs us about its beauty, dignity and uniqueness and can remind us of the depth of the peace of all being, in which ultimately everything rests.